To go Beyond Manufacturing, Agilean offers ALIX, a Software As A Service (SaaS) for real-time optimization of your operations.

ALIX, the web application we have designed, supports production execution follow-up and optimization in real time, making it easy to implement and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

Numerous tools are embeded to manage utilization of your resources, equipments and stocks to help you reduce production lead time and costs.

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Agilean provides coaching and operational excellence training for companies in different markets.

We work with clients around the world. Most are in Canada, but we frequently travel to USA, Europe and Asia.

No matter your business operations; manufacturing, service or even Research and Development.
Lean can apply to any business activities.

We are coaches working regularly with consultants.
We are here to help you grow and learn.

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Agilean provides Digital Transformation tools and applications.
Our Digital Transformation services can help your company’s challenges in supporting your Customer Journey.

We like to bring solutions to better support and streamline your Customer Journey.
We are Zoho Authorized Partners, so we have access to more than 45 different apps to suit all your business needs.

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Zoho Authorized Partner

solutions for all types of businesses

When ALIX comes first in your organization and finds room for improvement while following up on your operations, you might need Lean Coaching.
With all data collected by ALIX, analyzing and understanding your operations would never be that easy.
After all, our recommendations are always as good as the information (data) provided !

Lean Coaching

If Lean Coaching comes first in your business and you are wondering how we could help you manage your day-to-day.
The answer is simple, this is exactly why we came up with ALIX.

ALIX will help you double down on recommendations from a Lean Coaching workshop and make sure you capture and sustain the improvements as well as helping you out managing your day-to-day operations. ALIX will never give up.

We offer solutions to rapidly optimize your operations

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to help companies

in a global business world.

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