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Our Partners provide customer solutions
to support their business processes




Understand customer needs and business processes.
Create a prototype of your client’s implementation
and a roadmap for how you plan the integration of ALIX.




Implement and customize solutions
to fit customers’ needs and business processes.
Use case studies and customer success stories
to make compelling demonstrations.

Train & Support


Train & Support

Train & Support your customer
so they get the most value for their business.
Provide ongoing coaching and support
as customer needs change or evolve.

What’s in it for you

What Your Get

What You Get

  • Sales commissions
  • Access to a dedicated business and partner support team
  • Ability to extend your product offer to solve bigger customer needs
  • Early briefings and updates on new products and product roadmap
  • Listing in Agilean's Certified Partners page

What We Expect

  • Expertise in cloud products and client implementation
  • Market presence, lead generation and customer acquisition capabilities
  • Technical skills to configure and tailor ALIX to client’s challenges
  • Established track record in your product/service category with existing customers
  • Be a devoted Agilean fan and evangelist !

What We Expect

Who Should Join

Who Should Join

  • IT and management consultants
  • IT service providers
  • Accountants and small business advisors
  • Venture capital and investment firms
  • Industry influencers focused on industry 4.0

Consulting Partner

As a Consulting Partner, you will have a privilege access to dedicated Agilean experts to help you and your clients get the most value out of our solutions.

ALIX will help you get the insight you have always dream of. Our solutions help you get the right data at the right time so you can better assist your clients in achieving excellence and keep improving everyday.

Referral Partner

Becoming a Referral Partner lets you preview some of the benefits of partnering with Agilean.
Earn incentives for bringing us new business as you develop your own business.

Our referral program could become a business in itself !
It could provide interesting recurring revenues for your business.

Integrator Partner

As an Integrator Partner, you will integrate your solution with one or more of Agilean’s products to add value to the customer experience.

Agilean works closely with a number of technology and service providers, across various industries, giving customers access to an integrated suite of complementary products and services.

Partner Testimonial

Our partnership with Agilean allows us to have a good solutions to solve our clients challenges.
We know we can rely on Agilean products & services.
Their experts can help and support ours to solve even the most complicated problems.

Integrator Partner
Integrator Partner

Jonathan Clément, General Manager Hypershell

Let’s beginning a new era together

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