Let me learn about your business process and tasks so I can help you:


Get complete visibility over your operations

No need for host of complex reports, I will give you a clear picture of your current projects at a glance and at all times.

Project Management

Manage your projects from quote to delivery and deliver quality products in record time.

Inventory Management

Take advantage of Lean best practices in managing your inventory.

Equipment Management

Follow the use of your equipment to optimize your production line.

Human Ressources Management

Follow-up on timesheets and assignments of your workforce.

Information Management

Save time and eliminate errors in managing versions and revisions.


Keep your data safe with built-in protections. Easy login and password for every employee with rights management so people get access to what is relevant for their work.


Get instant access to all the data anywhere, anytime (24/7/365). Thanks to the cloud!

Training made easy

With a user-friendly interface, training will be a matter of minutes.


Software tailored to be flexible and configurable for an easy use. It will shape to your business.

Higher Productivity

Easily identify operation’s bottleneck and waste. Eliminate recurring tasks through automation.

Data Processing

Thanks to all data collected in real-time in the operations, our Business Intelligence (BI) module will allow you the get the right KPIs to take educated decision as soon as possible to limit the impacts.


By collecting all data in real-time in the operations, there is no need for extra work to compile data and create reports.
It’s all live !

Fast Implementation

Your whole team will be working with ALIX
in just a matter of weeks. 

Flexible Conditions

No matter the size of your business,
we have plans that will fit your needs.

More on ALIX

Your whole operations at your fingertips

English or French. It doesn’t matter, we will let you choose the language that suits you and your employees best.
Each employee can set its own language preference.

All the information and all the help you need at your fingertips.
Direct communication tool that helps you stay connected with our support team through a live chat.

Keep track of late projects.
Attendance at a glance. Whenever an employee clocks in and out of the system, you know it.

Pre-formatted Lean manufacturing indicators to check on the health of your operations (number of items in process, average first time good for the whole value stream, average lead-time and work time).

Bar graph showing you distribution of work in the value stream.

Complete visibility in a user-friendly interface

Alix - Board

Complete visibility of ongoing tasks split in client and/or project.

Add and arrange multiple value chains to integrate all of your operations.

Assign and easily guide the production of your products to your employees directly from your board.

Charge your products for Shipping in 3 clicks only.

See live the current status of your kanbans using the Supermarket column.

Process supported by scanners to help you consume your raw materials efficiently.

Automated management of supplies of your Kanbans. No matter if it is purchased or manufactured.

All your operations are managed by project/order

More on ALIX

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork with detailed project files and item files management with built-in versioning to make sure only the latest file is available, but that you still have access to the history of versions.

Ability to import BOM (Bill of materials) for clients in Engineering-To-Order (ETO) type of business with an easy import wizard.

Manage all items with a simplified grid and see the progress through the project planning tool.
Following up on your project is only a three clicks away.

Configure your items to be produced. An item can be a part or a lot of parts or could also be used as a task for services environments.
Management of planned times for resources and equipment, required materials as well as sub-contracting should it be required.

After configuring/planning your project items, you can put a business layer over the assessment to produce the quote for your project.

Project timeline and reminder of important dates.

Complete profitability analysis in real-time of your project (globally and per cost inductors) and by items.
All in a visual interface that will identify in seconds if anything is going wrong on your project or an item.

All software needs contact information right ? We are no different…

Manage contacts and contact details like contact persons, billing & shipping addresses, etc.

Lots of contact to enter? Use our user-friendly import tool to get the job done in minutes, not hours.

Select in which language documents shared with the client will show up. Documents like bill of lading, tags on finish goods, etc…

Know the truth about resource utilization

Get complete visibility of hours worked by your employees with our numeric punch.

Replacing your old manual card punch that have to be compiled by hand each week.

Thanks to a small tablet near the employee entrance to catch arrival and departure of your employees and live update in the system to keep track of attendance in seconds.

Easily know who has not come in for their shift or who is on overtime according to their regular shift.

Track the utilization of your resources during their work day.

know your equipment utilization (OEE) in seconds

Follow-up on all your equipment.

Tracking of equipment time (usage) for each machine through operations on the board by employees (users).

Lots of reporting opportunities with all collected information live on the shop floor.

Management of equipment costs (costs per hour).

Get live update on machine or workstation with our IIoT modules.

Compare timestamps from board operations (by employees) with what was recorded from the equipment.

Requires your equipments to be connected through Wi-Fi.
Our IIoT modules have mesh capabilities which can extend range of connected equipments that are out of range for the Wi-Fi.

Permanent inventory with lean features (kanban and PFEP tool)

Keep track of your finished goods inventory as well as the history of everything that went out the shipping dock.

Follow-up on what was invoiced with invoice number and date.

Customize the way you view the information with our custom view manager that let you choose which columns of information are visible as well as filters and sorting options. 

One click export the whole inventory or the current view to Excel.

Get your raw material inventory levels in seconds. Group by project, client, supplier, type of inventory, etc…

Easily track wasted or trashed inventory with our trash functionality to help you keep an accurate inventory level and the cost of monthly wasted inventory.

Customize the way you view the information with our custom view manager that let you choose which columns of information are visible as well as filters and sorting options. 

One click export the whole inventory or the current view to Excel.

We manage stocks from the receiving to shipping dock

Two separate modules with right access management to make sure the right employees are using these features.


Receiving module enables the forklift operator to get an instant access to the material that needs to be received in a simple to use interface.
Receiving a shipment has never been so easy. Print label to identify material upon arrival to keep track and ensure traceability all the way.


Shipping module enables to get the history of all shipment made. Shipment functionality is included in the board, in your operations.
Printing a Bill Of Lading (BOL) can be done by any employee in seconds. Truck drivers won’t wait and get impatient anymore.

Special shipping instructions can be added, both for internal use or printed on the Bill Of Lading for the truck driver or the client.

Embedded feature that prevents operator from putting items from other projects/orders than the one selected in the shipment configuration.
Preventing wrong parts to be shipped to the wrong client/destination.

Now that we have quality data, let’s have it speak

The limit is your imagination.

Lots of graphics, table, pivot table, etc… It’s all yours to discover what data collected on the shop floor has to offer for you to better understand.

No matter what you have to analyze, it will be facilitated by the Business Intelligence (BI) tool we have embedded in our software.

Out of the box, we use Zoho Analytics.
It allows you to dig into your data as well as extracting to a lot of preformatted file types such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, etc…
Out of the reports (graph, table and more), you can create a dashboard with relevant information per module for example or simply to monitor your operations.
Zoho Analytics also support to add web dashboards to put on large screens on the shop floor with slideshow type of presentation of dashboards.
It also enables for automatic reporting to be shared by email on schedule to relevant people. For example, daily or weekly updates to top management.

Zoho Analytics

* Other tools could be implemented on demand should you be more familiar with another data analytic tool.

The right technology to support your efficiency needs

Wireless QR code scanners are used to track stocks in your operations.
Preventing mistakes and keeping your inventory levels accurate.

We are using wireless and Bluetooth technology according to the needs identified.
For example, coupled with the tablet on the forklift, a Bluetooth scanner is the best option.

Printers allow you to identify all your materials from raw materials to finish goods to keep track across your plant.

Tags are ranging from 2 5/16″ x 4″ to 4″ x 6″ depending on the printer’s model.